Best places to eat in Dublin

Best places to eat in Dublin

Irish cuisine combines traditional recipes with more modern formulas, pleasing to all the palates. Learn about the 10 foods to try in Ireland. 

The portions in Dublin are quite substantial and you’ll never be left feeling hungry. If your hotel doesn’t include breakfast, we recommend you try a “Full Irish Breakfast. This delicatessen consists of bacon, local sausage, black and white pudding, baked beans, eggs, mushrooms and potatoes.

Irish dishes

A good way to learn about a new culture is through its food, so before traveling to Dublin, we suggest you take a look at Ireland’s most popular foods:

  • Irish stew: Brew with lamb or mutton, potatoes, onion and parsley.
  • Boxty: a typical Irish potato pancake (also called potato bread)
  • Coddle: This is a typical left-over dish with pork sausages cut up, bacon, potatoes, onion and parsley.
  • Fried potato farls: potato bread
  • Soda bread: Bread made with baking soda
  • Blaa: white bread roll
  • Black pudding: type of blood sausage
  • Colcannon: mashed potato with cabbage, butter, salt and pepper
  • Fresh oysters: oysters served on ice
  • Champ: mashed potato with milk, butter and onion.
  • Irish coffee: coffee, Irish whiskey, cream and sugar


  • Stout: a creamy black beer made using roasted malt. An example is the Guinness beer.
  • Lager: golden color beer with low fermentation.
  • Ale: high fermentation beer with more alcohol than lager.

For everyone

As capital of Ireland, Dublin offers numerous international restaurants, traditional Irish pubs with good “pub grub”, fast food restaurants or celebrity chef restaurants. There are dishes to cater for all tastes.

Mealtimes in Irish culture

The Irish population usually have a filling breakfast (full Irish breakfast) quite early and then have lunch at around from midday till 2pm and have dinner at 6pm.

Even restaurants offer an “Early Bird dining service; inviting clients to have their evening meal before the normal dinner time, enticing them with important discounts.

Food wise, Dublin not only has an eclectic taste of restaurants, but you can have something to eat at all hours. Most restaurants open until late and there are also 24/7 shops with fast food options.

Best areas to eat out in Dublin

Restaurants, pubs and bars are everywhere to be found in Dublin’s city center, so any area is good to have lunch or dinner. If you’re looking for good traditional Irish pubs, we suggest heading to Temple Bar.