St. Teresa's Church

Situated between the popular shopping streetsGrafton Street and Clarendon Street, St. Teresa’s Church is a haven of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of Dublin’s city center.

St. Teresa’s Church was erected between 1793 and 1808 and is the first Catholic parish built after the Roman Catholic Relief Act was passed in 1791.

Inside St. Teresa's Church

The interior of the church has pastel painted walls that will remind you of a child’s bedroom. The church is arranged in the shape of a Christian cross and can be accessed from three different streets.

The church is unembellished with a few sculptures by John Hogan, considered one of Ireland’s greatest sculptors. The most noted is the ‘Virgin and Child’. Another highlight is Phyllis Burke’s seven stained glass windows that project a dim light into the colorful interior.  

Simple and very special

This oasis of calm is extremely curious, especially due to the wall’s unusual colors and the church's distribution. St. Teresa's is located in the heart of Dublin, just meters away from luxury boutiques. 


Free entrance. 


Walking distance from Grafton Street