Parks and Gardens in Dublin

The region of Dublin has numerous public parks and gardens that are ideal to stroll along, to relax in, to enjoy a picnic or sunbathe in when the weather allows it.  

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is an urban park less than 5km away from Dublin’s city center and one of the largest parks inside any European capital city.

St Stephen's Green Park

St Stephen’s Green is one of Ireland’s oldest public parks. Formed in 1664 in the city’s outskirts, it is currently in the city center.

Merrion Square Park

Previously known as the Archbishop Ryan Park, Merrion Square Park is an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Dublin.

Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance is dedicated to all those that died in pursuit of Ireland’s independence. It was opened in 1966 to commemorate the Easter Rising.

National Botanic Gardens

Situated in Dublin and inaugurated in 1795, the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland is an oasis of serenity with over 17,000 species.