Luas - Dublin's Light Rail Tram

Luas - Dublin's Light Rail Tram

Dublin’s Light Rail Tram system is called Luas. Presently, it has two routes, one green line and one red line. 

Inaugurated in 2004, Luas trams is made up of two independent (not connected) lines, although it is planned that they will be shortly linked.

Red line

Plano de tranvía de Dublín
Dublin tram map

The red line connects Saggart and Tallaght (to the southeast) with The Point (to the east). This line has 32 stops and visitors will find it useful to get to Jameson Distillery, Collins Barracks (National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History), Smithfields or Heuston Train Station. The red line also stops at O’Connell Street (stop: Abbey Street).

Green line

The Luas green line connects St. Stephen’s Green Park with Brides Glen (to the southeast). Unless your hotel is in the area, the green line is not very useful for tourists.

Where to purchase the ticket?

Tickets are available from the ticket vending machines located at every stop. Select your destination to see in what zone it is and what the price of the ticket is. You can either pay with coins or banknotes.

Single tickets are valid 90 minutes. During that 1-hour-and-a-half travelers are not permitted to stop and then continue the journey or use the remaining time to take a return Luas.


Ticket Prices
Number of areas Adult Adult return Child Child return 7 day pass
Zone 1 2,10 (US$2.3) 3,70 (US$4) 1 (US$1.1) 1,90 (US$2.1) 16,50 (US$18.1)
Zone 2 2,80 (US$3.1) 4,80 (US$5.3) 1 (US$1.1) 1,90 (US$2.1) 20,50 (US$22.4)
Zones 3 - 4 3,10 (US$3.4) 5,40 (US$5.9) 1,30 (US$1.4) 1,90 (US$2.1) 25 (US$27.3)
Zones 5 - 8 3,20 (US$3.5) 5,50 (US$6) 1,30 (US$1.4) 2,40 (US$2.6) 28 (US$30.6)
Prices with leap card
Number of areas Adult (Off Peak) Adult (Peak)* Child Adult 1 day Student 1 day
Zone 1 1,54 (US$1.7) 1,54 (US$1.7) 0,80 (US$0.9) 7 (US$7.7) 5 (US$5.5)
Zona 2 2 (US$2.2) 1,94 (US$2.1) 0,80 (US$0.9) 7 (US$7.7) 5 (US$5.5)
Zones 3 - 4 2,27 (US$2.5) 2,27 (US$2.5) 1 (US$1.1) 7 (US$7.7) 5 (US$5.5)
Zones 5 - 8 2,40 (US$2.6) 2,50 (US$2.7) 1 (US$1.1) 7 (US$7.7) 5 (US$5.5)

* Monday to Friday: between 7:45 am and 9:30 am. 

** Child Ticket: Valid 3 - 15 years inclusive. 

*** There are travel cards for both buses and trams. A 1-day travel card costs 10 (US$10.9) (Child: 3,50 (US$3.8)). A 7-day travel card costs 40 (US$43.7) (Child: 14 (US$15.3)). 

Schedule and frequency

The schedule and frequency of the Luas trams vary depending on the day of the week:

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30am – 12:30am (midnight)
  • Saturdays: 6:30am - 12:30am (midnight)
  • Sundays and public holidays: 7am – 11:30pm

Trams pass every 5 to 15 minutes.