Dublin Nightlife

Dublin Nightlife

Although the nightlife in Dublin isn’t world-famous, the capital of Ireland is one of the European capitals with the best nightlife. It surpasses Amsterdam, Budapest and Brussels

Dublin has a very busy and enticing nightlife. You’ll find pubs and clubs open every day of the week, offering a great atmosphere.

Before you decide what to wear, keep in mind that Dubliners like to dress up, especially the girls who wear sandals all year round, no matter the weather.

Dublin nightlife

Locals usually have dinner at approximately 8pm and then head to an Irish pub in Temple Bar to have a few pints.

Depending if you’re up for dancing, you can either head to one of the city’s numerous clubs after going down to the pub (clubs are normally open till 3am), or enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of the local taverns until approximately 2am, when pubs close.

Some of the most popular nightclubs are Club M and The Palace, both located in Temple Bar.

Age requirements

The official age to gain entry to most of Dublin’s clubs is 20 or 21. In Dublin, smoking was prohibited in public places in 2004.

Clubs in Dublin are similar to those in London and New York City. They make people queue outside for a long time to give the impression that they are in fashion. This does not mean that they are packed once you go inside.