Leap Visitor Card - Dublin city travel card
Leap Visitor Card

Leap Visitor Card

The Leap Visitor Card is a handy Dublin transport pass for tourists that wish to use the city’s public transportation frequently.

The Leap Visitor Card offers unlimited journeys on the following means of transport: Airlink (bus that connects the airport and city centre), Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail during the validity of the pass.

 Leap Visitor Card Price

There are three different cards: 24-hour ( 8 (US$ 8.50)), 72-hour ( 16 (US$ 17)) and seven days ( 32 (US$ 34)).

The card is activated the first time it is used.

Where to buy the Leap Visitor Card?

You can purchase the Leap Visitor Card online or in Dublin. The best option is to get it as soon as you land, at Dublin Airport, so you can use it to get to the city centre. If you prefer to wait a few days, you can also purchase the pass at the Dublin Bus station, 59 Upper O’Connell St.

Once you purchase the card, you can top up your card and extend its period of validity (1, 3 or 7 days) up to five times at any of the 650 Leap outlets in the country.

Where is it valid?

The transport card may be used on most means of transportation in Dublin, including Airlink airport buses 747 and 757, all the Dublin buses, Luas trams and the DART trains.