Dublin Travel Costs

Although the prices of restaurants and pubs are quite expensive, it is made up for by the city’s economical accommodation, as it is relatively easy to find a cheap centrally located hotel in Dublin. 

Another perk about Dublin is that most of its museums are free to visit.

Some examples

This is a short list with some of Dublin’s prices, so you can get an idea of how much you'll spend on your trip:

Food and drinks

  • Fish and chips: 9 (US$ 10.10)
  • Pint of beer: 5 (US$ 5.60)
  • Average meal for two: 40 (US$ 44.80)

Public transport

  • Bus ticket: between 2 (US$ 2.20) and 3.30 (US$ 3.70) (depending on the distance).
  • Aircoach bus ticket from the airport to the city center: 7 (US$ 7.80)
  • Taxi from Dublin airport to the city center: 30 (US$ 33.60)- 35 (US$ 39.20) (approximately)

Top sights


  • A double room in a centrally located hotel: from 60 (US$ 67.20)