Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus

Although the bus stops are not clearly marked, the routes aren’t well explained and the bus maps are quite confusing, Dublin's urban buses are usually the best way to get around the city.


There are over 100 bus lines in Dublin, including the standard, the express (xpresso service – buses that have an x after their number), and the night bus network (nitelink – buses with an n after their number).

Exact change

Keep in mind that passengers must have the correct change to pay their ticket. Bus drivers do not give change nor do they accept Euro banknotes. If you don’t have the exact change, you will be given a receipt that you must take to Dublin Bus headquarters (Upper O’Connell Street 59). Do not forget to show your original bus ticket.

These restrictions don’t apply to the Airlink Express (buses 747 and 757) that connect Dublin Airport with the city center.


Buses in Dublin do not have a single rate. The fares depend on the number of stops between the first stop and the destination stop. Travellers can calculate the fares on a free Fare Calculator available on the official Dublin Bus website. Otherwise, they will have to ask the driver.


  • Short zone (centre): 1.70 (US$ 1.80)
  • Long zone (outskirts): 2.60 (US$ 2.80)

Xpresso buses:

  • Ticket: 3 (US$ 3.20)

Travel cards (Rambler)

  • 5 Day Rambler: 26 (US$ 27.90)

The Rambler is valid for standard buses, xpresso and the airlink express (buses 747 and 757).

10-trip ticket

  • 10x 90-minute ticket: 25 (US$ 26.90)

If you wish to use Dublin’s public transport system to get to the city’s various attractions, we suggest purchasing the Leap Visitor Card. In this case, we recommend buying it at the Airport Tourism Information Center (open every day from 8 am – 10 pm), so that you can use it to get to the city centre.

Timetable and frequency

Although each line has its own timetable, normally buses run from 7 am to 11:30 pm. Some routes begin as early as 5 am.

Nighttime buses

Dublin has 24 night-bus lines called Nitelink. These run every Friday and Saturday between midnight and 4 am.

This journey costs 3EUR. If you haven’t purchased a ticket before getting on the bus (for example at a supermarket), you must pay in coins.